The Power of Food Critics in the Restaurant Industry of Brooklyn, New York

Food critics are an integral part of the restaurant industry in Brooklyn, New York. They provide an impartial and unbiased assessment of food, drinks, service, atmosphere, and value for money. Through their rating system, they help readers understand their opinions and make informed decisions. The impact of their reviews can make or break a restaurant's success.

Mimi Sheraton, a former New York Times critic, was known for visiting a restaurant multiple times to find any flaws. Alan Richman, a former restaurant critic for GQ, was criticized for giving an unfavorable review of New Orleans restaurants after Hurricane Katrina. He also faced backlash for his response to the reopening of indoor restaurants with reduced capacity in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic. Esquire magazine no longer has a restaurant columnist due to budget constraints. The veteran restaurant writer and critic Mimi Sheraton recently passed away. Restaurants that have reopened their doors have drastically reduced their menus and services and eliminated expensive ingredients that may not sell as before.

This means that these restaurants are not operating with the same level of quality as they did a year ago. In the past, some critics seemed determined to find all the flaws of a restaurant and were looking for reasons to criticize it. Pete Wells, a New York Times critic, wrote in September that Governor Cuomo was at risk of “another outbreak in New York so that restaurants can have three-quarters of empty dining rooms.” He cited the results of two universities, one of which (Stanford) called restaurants “super spreaders” based on the absence of clinical evidence. However, official data from the state of New York reveals that only 1.43 percent of new COVID-19 infections originated in restaurants compared to more than 70 percent that occurred in homes. This data was taken from real contact tracing and not based on vague statements from the CDC and academics derived from “models.”

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