Adapting to Changing Food Trends in Brooklyn, New York

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a number of changes to the food industry, particularly in Brooklyn, New York. To guarantee the safety of customers and employees, restaurants have had to make essential investments and policy modifications. This includes demonstrating vaccination requirements for certain establishments and providing well-equipped commercial kitchens that meet local safety regulations. Additionally, restaurants have had to adjust to the changing reality of social distancing by expanding outdoor seating and offering solitary dining options. Food processing has become the biggest industry in New York City over the past decade, surpassing the garment industry.

Companies such as Goldbelly have seen a surge in customers over the last 12 months, and many restaurants have had to modify their roles to accommodate the new reality. For instance, at Bar Agricole in San Francisco, employees are encouraged to take on variable roles that interest them, such as finance, events or kitchen work. Nga Than has interviewed aspiring founders of food startups and visited a shared commercial kitchen that prepares immigrant women for work in the food industry. These stories illustrate the common problems of adaptation to the pandemic that restaurants across the country are facing. Dishes have been simplified for logistical reasons, such as takeout containers, and outdoor dining has become the most popular option during warmer months.

Customers also prefer seats that are far away from large groups. Through these key investments and policy changes, we can construct a better food system for our growing city. This will help restaurants in Brooklyn, New York adapt to changing food trends and provide customers with a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

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