Explore Delicious Delivery and Takeout Options in Brooklyn, New York

Are you searching for the best restaurants in Brooklyn, New York to order takeout or delivery? Look no further! From Migrant Kitchen's Latin American and Arab fusion cuisine to Yumpling's Taiwanese dumplings and Eim Khao Mun Kai's Hainanese chicken, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. Plus, you can easily search for your favorite restaurant by name or explore different cuisines like Caribbean, Japanese-sourced American food, Chinese, Mexican, and more. Read on to learn more about the top restaurants in Brooklyn offering takeout and delivery. Migrant Kitchen is a fast and casual eatery with three locations spread across the city. Their empanadas, lamb cakes, and cauliflower shawarma are available for both takeout and delivery.

Yumpling is a Taiwanese dumpling shop that started as a stall at the Long Island City flea market before expanding with a food truck. Now they have a showcase in Queens where you can order fried pork chops, beef noodle soup, bubble tea, and of course dumplings for takeout or delivery. Eim Khao Mun Kai in Elmhurst serves Hainanese chicken with a Thai twist that you can get delivered or take away. Melanie Delcourt's French-African West African restaurant in Park Slope offers most of its menu for takeout or delivery. Try their chebu jen (fish stuffed with spices with tomato sauce), salted cod fritters, brunch dishes like roti or naan filled with chicken curry or vegetarian-friendly options like saag paneer or chana masala.

If you're looking for something specific like Fukuyama Sushi & Ramen or Original John's Deli, you can easily search for it by name to see if it's available. Win Son Bakery is a Taiwanese American bakery located in Brooklyn that was one of the first restaurants in the district to offer takeout and home delivery during the pandemic. Pecking House started as a home delivery business in Queens and their fried chicken is designed to stay crisp after traveling in a takeaway container or spending a night in the fridge. What started as a pop-up store has grown into a countertop restaurant serving Japanese-sourced American food in Ridgewood. If you're looking for something from a specific cuisine, you can search for it on Uber Eats. There are about 80 restaurants and stores in Brooklyn that offer home delivery with Uber Eats.

Some popular restaurants among Brooklyn users include China Doll-Linden for Chinese food, Bushwick Taco Company for Mexican food, and Peppas Jerk Chicken for dinner. Plus, you can check out a restaurant's rating to see how popular it is among Uber Eats users - the average rating of a restaurant in Brooklyn is 4.3.

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